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The GMP Collective team kicked off 2023 with a webinar discussing the major cannabis industry pain points that the media captured in 2022. Further, we dove into a number of simple and proven solutions – tools every operator should have in their toolbox – that will position operators for continued market challenges in 2023. Read on for a recap!

With all the recent negative headlines, including lack of trust in cannabis labels, inaccurate test results, and market decline and consolidation, how do we move forward as an industry? We discussed that some of the industry is motivated by “get rich quick” schemes, which we recognize is not sustainable. Also, too often we play the blame game when something goes wrong, “it’s the regulators fault” or “it’s the lab’s fault.” Quality cannot be baked into final products, therefore we must be proactive to understand our processes and their inherent risks to control for those risks. It is time to shift to long-term goals that put quality and safety at the forefront, namely the development and implementation of standards (e.g., GMP).

So, how do we do this? The panelists offered ways to start making an impact on your quality management systems this year.

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