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Positioning the Global industry for Success

The GMP Collective is a diverse ecosystem of experts leading the cannabis and hemp industry with solutions that enable global market access

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End-to-End Solutions for a complex marketplace

Without standardization – marketplaces are inefficient and riddled with barriers to entry. Our team has worn the hats of regulating, producing, auditing, quality, and compliance. Balancing the needs of all stakeholders allows us to provide leading solutions that protect consumers AND enable a credible marketplace to exist – profitably and sustainably. Leverage our deep insights and get it right the first time.

Cannabis Operators

In a crowded market, it's important to stay ahead of competitors and be on the cutting edge of technical standardization for CBD and THC cannabis production and manufacturing. Mitigate risks and validate claims to stay ahead.

Service Providers

From consulting firms to equipment vendors, software and security providers to engineers, we help ancillary service providers gain a competitive advantage and be a part of the change you wish to see in the industry.

Legal & Insurance Firms

Need a cannabis expert? We offer a vast network of experts that can dive into the technical issues with any case and provide expert reports and testimony to close your case faster.

Agencies & Trade Groups

Our network arms you with the playbook for the industry and provides support with cannabis expertise. We have a seat at the table with regulators, and so should you.

Leverage our knowledge - De-risk your operation - Gain Market Share

What keeps you up at night? We are ready to understand your challenges and arm you with sustainable solutions today.

We are The Cannabis Industry Experts

No matter what sector of the industry you operate in, we are connected to the experts that can help you navigate the industry and make business growth decisions.

Strategic Advising

To be successful and profitable in cannabis, it takes a strong team! Our network of cannabis experts enhance, supplement and complete your team to fill in the gaps that are negatively affecting your bottom line. We bring a vast array of knowledge that helps challenge, educate or empower your team giving you an edge on the competition.

Write the Industry Playbook

Imagine if a benchmark was created that your competitors are required to meet. That soon will exist - it’s not an “if” but “when”. The GMP Collective is at the forefront of developing these benchmarks for the cannabis industry. Stay ahead of the curve and be a part of the conversation that sets the bar that your competitors will have to meet (without insider information!).

Subject Matter Expertise

Our ecosystem of cannabis experts understands the importance of continued education. Not only are we traveling the world as thought leaders and educators, we are also growing our network and learning new things everyday. Our breath of knowledge continues to grow with the industry so we can best serve our clients with subject matter expertise for market maturation.

Experts Helping Experts: Your seat at the table

You’re an expert at what you do – We’re experts at what we do! Our network helps fill your gaps for a strong competitive advantage.

Protecting consumer safety and buyer value for trade

The emerging cannabis industry is rapidly growing without the standards and foundations found in other industries. Put simply – industry standards are what guide regulation, and ultimately ensure the quality and safety of the industry.

Which means – it’s only a matter of time before cannabis does the same. The lack of these standards in the cannabis and hemp industries is affecting all stakeholders and leading to substantial financial loss.

From fluctuating market prices, fractionalized supply chains, surprise recalls, lab uncertainties, and D-regulations, The GMP Collective is a network of cannabis experts involved directly with the groups working behind the scenes to set industry benchmarks for a global, standardized market.

Take your place as an industry leader and expand your brand’s market share with The GMP Collective’s diverse ecosystem of experts, whose unique perspectives help you break down barriers with solutions that offer your brand a competitive edge.

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