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Tailored Cannabis Expertise To Support Industry Growth

Build trust, gain credibility, streamline operations, and be a part of pioneering market benchmarks, which are foundational/essential inevitable for sustaining industry growth.
Put our expertise to work for you with services designed to deliver value, and scale as you grow.

ASTM International’s D4877-22 Standard Practice for Cannabis or Hemp Supplier Lifecycle Management Self Assessment

Elevate your supply chain integrity, optimize sourcing, and instill unparalleled consumer trust by aligning with this pivotal standard.. This tool includes a self assessment to gauge conformance to the standard, identify gaps, and find areas for continuous improvement. Dive deeper into supply chain excellence and redefine your business standards.

Strategic Advising

You’re an expert at what you do. We’re the experts at cannabis technical standards. Let the experts take the reigns of incentivizing standards for long term growth with:

  • Due diligence
  • Contract reviews
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality systems
  • Supplier qualification
  • Gap assessments
  • GMP Implementation
  • Lean / Process Improvement
  • Facility Design
  • Long term advising
  • Connections to standards industry leaders
  • Board and advisory roles
  • Advising and communicating needs to C-suite/decision makers
  • Fractional subject matter expert
  • Vetting of industry experts/service providers

Don’t know who to trust? Let us help you figure that out!

Write the Industry Playbook

With the GMP Collective by your side, you’ll take part in creating benchmarks that don’t yet exist and setting your brand apart from others in the market through:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Standards development guidance
  • Expert support and coaching
  • Professional development
  • Networking with a purpose
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Value proposition and proof support

When (not if) the global marketplace switch gets flipped to “on,” your company will already be positioned to meet industry-wide standards that you helped create. In the interim, you’ll gain the competitive advantage you need to arm your clients or buyers with specifications that you know your product or service can meet.

Conquer market share with a guaranteed competitive edge.

Subject matter expertise

With our years of experience and vast network of experts, we can provide subject matter expertise for a wide range of industry projects, such as:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Insurance claim resolution
  • Public speaking
  • Training and education
  • Communications
  • Consulting on root cause issues
  • Problem solving

From speaking on a township’s or state’s behalf to providing expert and data-driven insight, our network of cannabis experts delivers.


Coming soon: Become a GMP Collective Member

The GMP Collective is excited to be launching our membership program soon! A program that will give industry professionals exclusive access to insider knowledge on industry technical standards, cannabis standards news, education, and more.

GMP Collective: The Cannabis Experts You Can Trust

Bringing professionalism and unparalleled cannabis expertise to the market since 2018.


We've worked with clients in 5 countries, 21 states, on 65+ projects, and at more than 50+ speaking events, which has given us unmatched experience in the field. Navigate the complex industry with support, thought leadership, and expert-led training.


Throughout our work, we’ve built a strong network of over 100+ partnerships to call on for tailored industry needs. A network that’s integral in the shaping of the industry today, and stays ahead of the curve with ongoing continuing education and connections.


We empower the industry. We empower our team. We empower our clients. We do so by coming together to put our experience and ecosystem to work for the industry, through individual brands and global standardization initiatives.

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How do you begin working with GMP Collective? Simply contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your specific cannabis standards and cannabis expertise needs!