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GMP Collective is a proud sponsor of the 2022 State of the States Report

The GMP Collective is a proud sponsor of the 2022 State of the States Report
published by the Americans for Safe Access (ASA). With over 150,000 active
supporters, ASA is the country’s largest member-based medical cannabis advocacy
group. Since 2014, the organization has published this comprehensive report that
grades the laws and regulations of U.S. states, D.C. and the four U.S. territories. If you
look at the reports over the years, it provides a snapshot of medical cannabis access
and regulatory progress. As time passes, ASA adapts the report with the times, adding
valuable sections, such as how states handled

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Get to the Root – Solutions that Stick!

We all make mistakes. Small ones. Big ones. Some have immediate implications (you forget to look both ways and pull out of an intersection only to end up in a car accident), while some implications aren’t realized until weeks or months later (a hinge or nut is not tightened to the right specification and comes loose over time before falling off). When it’s in your home, the impact may be minor and of short duration, but when it happens on a manufacturing line, the impacts can be significant. But all too often, these mistakes go unnoticed and undetected. How can

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GMPs Start at Your Property Line

Every day in the industry, we see companies making common mistakes when it comes to how cannabis facilities are designed. Consider a dispensary that inadvertently sells moldy or contaminated products–as a result of poor planning and facility design, this GMP crisis not only compromises consumer safety, but can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up.

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Bringing Credibility to the Cannabis Industry – David Vaillencourt, CEO joins CFCR as an Advisory Member

CFCR’s mission is to assist the government, and specifically-federal regulatory agencies, to rethink, develop, and implement evidence-based cannabis regulations. CFCR acts as a forum in which stakeholders can evaluate and support informed and inclusive regulations to govern the cannabis industry. Impressive cannabis industry experts and thought leaders join forces at CFCR to progress the industry forward, with the overarching goals of de-stigmatization, normalization, and legitimization.

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The GMP Collective spoke at the 2022 Analytical Cannabis Expo

The Analytical Cannabis Expo North America Online 2022 provides a crucial space for individuals to join global experts face-to-face to establish connections, share new information, and encourage growth within the cannabis community. Be sure not to miss all the great content from the nearly two dozen experts speaking at this fourth annual event by registering and engaging with other participants here.

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The Latest High Profile Publication: Raising the Bar in the Cannabis Industry

David Vaillencourt, CEO and Founder of the GMP Collective, was recently invited to write for High-Profile Magazine, a three-generation family-run publication and media outlet that has been focusing on New England facilities news since 1997. David’s piece in HP focuses on the National Cannabis Industry Associations, efforts to advance the legal cannabis industry through advocacy, education, and its commitment to its inclusive community.

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