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Providing solutions that enable global market access for the cannabis industry

We address core problems with data-driven solutions, providing clients with unique competitive advantages and strengthening the integrity of the cannabis industry, together.

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Existing solutions do not meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

By leveraging a diverse set of experts with the GMP Collective, it is possible to achieve a simple solution.

The GMP Collective is a master problem-solving ecosystem that’s agile, experienced, and responsive to attack the root cause with individualized solutions to help.

Why the GMP Collective?

We strive to bring together a diverse network of businesses, investors, and industry experts to promote sustainable growth in the global marketplace. We are committed to providing our customers with the tools they need to succeed in their respective markets by creating market-relevant standards and facilitating access to resources.


360 Expert Solutions

Over deliver

Putting our passion to work.

Build trust

An equal partner.




Powered by standards.

Knowledge transfer

Strength in expertise.

Cannabis Experts at Your Side

No matter your position in the industry, our diverse ecosystem provides the edge in knowledge and insight that you can’t get anywhere else. This helps your operation make informed, cost-effective decisions that open up new market opportunities.

Service Providers

Be part of the change you wish to see in the industry. Ancillary service providers are crucial to the success of the industry, as are the standards they set for operations. Our team works with consulting firms, equipment vendors, software providers, architects, engineers, and cannabis security experts to implement standardized solutions and processes designed with value based data. We also help you –

  • Networking with a purpose
  • Connect with key opinion leaders
  • Provide market claim validation
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Streamline marketplace adoption

Legal & Insurance Firms

The cannabis industry lacks historical precedent and consensus on what the best practices are, or a universal standard of care. That’s why law firms and insurance companies regularly turn to us to support them in risk mitigation and dispute resolution. Our team puts our experience as a cannabis expert witness to work for your cases and claims to arm you with the defensible story.

Together, with the GMP Collective’s strong ecosystem of experts, we have a shared interest in protecting our clients with what’s right, and data-backed.

Agencies & Trade Groups

From nonprofits to trade groups, standards organizations to government agencies, media partners, and event hosts: our cannabis expertise helps support R&D, communications, training, and educational needs. We provide agencies and trade groups with solutions such as –
  • Key opinion leaders or expert backing for presentations, and pitches.
  • Arming you with the playbook for the establishment or growth of individual and global marketplaces.
  • Offering you a seat at the table with leading regulators.

Cannabis Operators

The future of the cannabis and hemp industries lies in standards. Be at the forefront of cannabis’ market maturation with direct connections to industry thought leaders and get ahead of competitors with insight and knowledge on standards implementation for your operation. In addition, our diverse ecosystem can provide –
  • Risk based approaches for operational solutions that increase ROI
  • Risk mitigation
  • Brand claim validation
  • Improving operational efficiency through recommended vendors (software, equipment, consulting, supplies)

The GMP Collective: The Industry’s Choice for Cannabis Expertise

Gain a competitive edge and a seat at the table for building industry-wide standards through your collaboration with GMP.

Offering value based solutions

The experts on cannabis standards

Training, implementation and education

Connections to cannabis industry leaders

Building standardized operations for quality management

Our Cannabis Experts: Your Solutions

How do you begin working with GMP Collective? Simply contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your specific cannabis standards and cannabis expertise needs!