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With decades of experience, The GMP Collective connects you with leading cannabis industry experts for credible guidance and collaboration.

We are

Business Owners
Standards Experts
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Our Mission for the Future of Hemp & Cannabis

The GMP Collective is a team of experts leading the hemp and cannabis industries through engagement with regulators, trade organizations, and standards development organizations like ASTM International. We specialize in building a unique ecosystem of subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds and a passion for cannabis products that provide our clients with unrivaled knowledge and success. We are problem solvers, scientists, engineers, business owners—all united by our mission to ensure the quality, compliance, and safety of products containing cannabinoids. At GMP, we’re writing the playbook for cannabis standards to build a market that doesn’t yet exist. Through transparency, integrity, and empowerment, we collaborate with industry thought leaders to transform individual marketplaces into global economies, build systems for product consistency, and define industry-wide product quality and safety initiatives.

How GMP Collective Came to Be

David Vaillencourt founded GMP Collective in 2018 with the goal of bringing his unique expertise on cannabis standards to the table for the benefit of industry growth. Since then, David has built a network of like-minded individuals and resources to support the GMP Collective’s mission to sustainably advance the cannabis industry with a focus on quality and safety.

Our Ecosystem of Cannabis Industry Experts

Globally, we’ve partnered with the best of the best in the cannabis industry to work towards standardizing industry initiatives.

Our Team

The staff that works hard behind the scenes to keep us running!

David Vaillencourt

Founder & CEO
A passionate leader in the cannabis industry, dedicated to advancing safe access of products containing cannabinoids. As the founder of The GMP Collective, he has led teams of experts to develop and implement strategic initiatives designed to ensure responsible and ethical cultivation practices throughout the supply chain. Additionally, provides guidance and support for standards.

Bethany Moore

Director of Content Strategy and Market Growth
Bethany is leveraging two decades of experience in communications, public relations, and advocacy. Previously, she spearheaded impactful campaigns at the National Cannabis Industry Association for nearly a decade, including hosting more than 300 podcast interviews. Bethany has been quoted in several national publications and has been an expert guest on various podcasts.

Spence Rubin

Sales Manager
Spence Rubin brings 12 years of environmental science, permitting, and data analytics experience, along with a successful transition into sales and business development in fine art and wine. As the GMP Collective Sales Manager, his cross-industry expertise and commitment to relationship growth make him a valuable addition to the team.

Ben Gallegos

Accounting & Finance
Ben has over 20 years of experience in financial management and analysis, including extensive knowledge of budgeting, forecasting, reporting and compliance. His expertise includes leading our team to develop innovative solutions that drive business performance and growth.

Our Advisors

We practice what we preach. Our advisers provide strategic guidance to ensure we are maximizing value for our clients and the industry through sound business practices.

Keith Armington

Greg E

Kate Speakes

Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Peter Dougherty

in memory
As an official advisor to The GMP Collective, he provided strategic insight and valuable lessons that have enabled us to grow and deliver on our mission to continually empower organizations through the transfer of knowledge, maximizing their degree of success and sustainability in the global marketplace, while maintaining the utmost client satisfaction.

Our Experts

Some of the consultants that help our team translate your problems into solutions!

David Dixon

Facility Design
David Dixon brings process and facility design for over 25 years, primarily foods of all types. His passion and expertise is in bringing sanitary design and operational best practices to the cannabis industry.
See him in action!

Keith Armington

Supply Chain
With over 30 years of Fortune 500 global supply chain experience in the medical device and consumer products industries, Keith has demonstrated success in developing and implementing effective supply chain operational strategies, driving business process improvement, and collaborating externally with strategic channel partners and customers.

Dr. Kathy Knutson

Food Safety
Dr. Knutson works nationwide with food and cannabis manufacturers on recall investigations, problem-solving, training, and FDA compliance. Her book, Food Safety Lessons for Cannabis-Infused Edibles, is a comprehensive guide on ensuring safe edible products for consumers.
Read more from her!

Darwin Millard

Darwin is a mechanical engineer by training with over 18 years in cannabis. He is an active member of ASTM International D37 committee on cannabis serving as the vice-subcommittee chair for both D37.04 on Processing and Handling of Cannabis and D37.07 on Industrial Hemp.
See him in action!

Steve Cooper

Quality Management
Cooper over 45 years of experience in quality management and quality control spanning industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and not into cannabis. He provides guidance and training on building quality systems and is an accredited auditor for a number of certification bodies.
See him in action!

Dr. Steve Gendel

Critical Control
Gendel applies over three decades of experience in food safety to help makers of cannabis infused products protect their consumers and their businesses. Previously, he worked in the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. He is an internationally recognized expert on safety assessments for new foods and food proteins.
See him in action!

Fabiana Lapa

Fabiana has more than 15 years of experience in Life Sciences Companies such as Pharmaceutical, Medical devices, and the Cannabis Industry, including Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance, and Regulatory Affairs. In addition, she provides guidance to the clients to build their own Quality Management System and obtain ISO 9001:2015 / GMP certification.

Gabe Mangino

Food Safety

Alena Rodriguez

Laboratory Testing
Alena works in the cannabis industry with a passion for standardization. She has expertise in business operations, laboratory testing, Quality Management Systems, and regulatory compliance. She is currently the chair of the Laboratory Subcommittee of ASTM International’s Committee D37 on Cannabis.
See her in action!

Matthew Hoffman

Jason Hostens

6 Sigma Black Belt
Jason has over 25 years business management, operations, and project portfolio management experience. He has facilitated kaizen sessions, coached green and black belts, provided project, program oversight, and more.

Our Partners

We are more than just The GMP Collective. By working closely with our business partners we help fill strategic gaps and add value to every opportunity.

Our Affiliations

We are proud members, volunteers, and trusted advisors to many leading industry organizations that are mission aligned and propel the industry forward.

How GMP Works For You

Bringing credibility to the cannabis marketplace through quality management, exemplary service, and support.

Industry Expertise

Your all-in-one-source for cannabis solutions, with experts at your fingertips for a wide range of quality, compliance, and safety needs.

Supportive & Responsive

It’s our mission to over deliver and build trust with our clients, through supportive and responsive collaboration.

Technical Consultants

No pushy sales people here; our team is composed of only technical consultants who have your best interest - not their numbers, in mind.

Value-Based Solutions

Our suggested solutions are tied to your bottom line, giving you value and making sure your project or business stays profitable.

Work With GMPs Cannabis Experts

How do you begin working with GMP Collective? Simply contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your specific cannabis standards and cannabis expertise needs!