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Don’t Miss CCA’s New Monthly YouTube Series

As demand of cannabinoid based products increases among consumers leading us toward an inevitable world of federal legalization, the need to dissect and impact the future trajectory of consumer health and safety within the industry is critical, and ever-growing. With the launch of their new LinkedIn page and monthly YouTube series, The Cannabis Compliance Alliance (CCA) will soon be making a name for itself by doing just this. 

The Cannabis Compliance Alliance (CCA) consists of four cannabis compliance consulting firms – The GMP CollectiveAllay ConsultingiComply Cannabis and TraceTrust – who recognized the value of collaborating together to communicate and educate safe practices needed in our industry, leveraging our collective experience and knowledge . Without proper health and safety regulations in place, the CCA knows both the consumer and the industry are at great risk.

“Though we may be competitors, we have a common objective: Create a safer cannabis industry for consumers and businesses,” says Kim Stuck, CEO and Founder of Allay Consulting.“Through this collaboration, we can institute real change nationwide—offering tangible ways to safeguard companies, ultimately protecting our customers in the long run.”

Kicking off the first episode, the CEOs and thought leaders behind these four companies lead an important discussion surrounding the value of assessing the risks and health benefits of minor, novel and synthetic cannabinoids.

In recent years, minor cannabis and hemp derivatives like Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10-THC have attempted to find their place within both the industry and individual endocannabinoid systems, leaving lots of open ended questions regarding cannabis quality, safety, and standardization. What is safe for consumption and what is not? Where is the industry lacking data and research? Are consumers getting the education they need to safely obtain and consume these hip new cannabinoids? What cannabinoids and products are defined as “medical”, anyway? 

In the name of consumer safety, it is imperative that these four thought leaders address what is working in terms of cannabis testing, quality, and safety, and what isn’t. 

The Cannabis Compliance Alliance (CCA) meets monthly to initiate provocative discussions on industry concerning topics, informing everyone of the current problems, and where the industry experts are with developing the solutions. The CCA places an emphasis on the essential questions needed to be answered within the cannabis industry, and a realm of solutions. With the help of video editors, CCA’s monthly get together is recorded and summarized into a timely episode released on the Alliance’s YouTube channel.

Be sure to subscribe to CCA’s YouTube Channel and hear from co-founders Kim Stuck, Founder, and CEO of Allay Consulting LLC, Mark Slaugh, Founder and CEO of iComply LLC, Merrill Gilbert, Co-Founder & CEO of TraceTrust and our very own David Vaillencourt every month!

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