Colorado’s Own Botanacor Labs & TreeHouse Biosciences Join ASTM Certification Program

At the turn of 2021, Colorado-based Botanacor Laboratories became the first hemp testing laboratory certified by ASTM International’s Cannabis Certification Program. Founded in 2014, Botanacor tests a wide array of hemp and hemp-derived products, oriented in principles of science, quality, and safety. ASTM International worked directly with Botanacor to achieve this Certification, as well as Kate Evans of Longboard Scientific, who led the audit to ensure Botanacor met the rigorous requirements of this program. Botanacor is raising the bar of what should be expected of hemp and cannabis laboratories – those that put consumer safety and health first.

In collaboration with The Policy Center for Public Health & Safety (PH&S), trusted advisors to U.S. State Attorneys General, federal agencies, and international regulators, ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification is the first independent GMP system in the cannabis and hemp industry. Based on the consensus industry standards developed by ASTM members, the program enables participants to demonstrate their adherence to these globally recognized safety standards, differentiating themselves from other players in the cannabis and hemp industries, in alignment with ASTM’s mission to prioritize consumer safety and enhance product quality. For over 120 years, ASTM International has led the development of globally recognized consensus standards for all sorts of industries, from cannabis to railroads to aviation, and remains the top dog in standardization.

With these goals in mind, ASTM International’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification aims to guide industry professionals to honor scientific research and data, stay ahead of regulatory requirements, distribute only the highest quality products, minimize risks, increase profitability, and most importantly, ensure consumer safety. The GMP Collective is fortunate to have been selected by ASTM International to lead the launch of this program; another way we demonstrate our commitment to bringing credibility to the cannabis marketplace.

TreeHouse Biosciences™, a Colorado-based leader in THC remediation and cannabinoid research, technology, and product development, was also another first of its kind to be awarded ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification. TreeHouse Biosciences™ is a division of Next Frontier Brands that manufactures high quality CBD and broad spectrum products, while simultaneously spearheading the development of technology and research (not so) behind the scenes.

TreeHouse Biosciences™ is a scientifically innovative leader in the industry- the global company holds several patents for THC remediation processing technologies, and 14 pending. One method of THC removal patented by TreeHouse in 2016, utilizing chromatography, has revolutionized the industry and its standards by creating the first high quality THC-Free hemp extracts. Like Botanacor, TreeHouse Biosciences™ demonstrates a fierce commitment to cannabis quality and patient health, with no plan of slowing down.

Equipped with ASTM’s CANNQ/HEMPQ Certification, Botanacor Laboratories and TreeHouse Biosciences™ can continue working towards establishing and raising the bar in the evolving cannabis marketplace. Further, as more and more states begin to require GMP programs in cannabis regulations, it is critical that organizations learn the value of keeping up. As our own CEO and Founder, David Vaillencourt, puts it: “Getting certified through ASTM allows you to show to consumers, whether it’s buyers in the supply chain, or regulatory enforcement agencies, that you’re actually following a set of consensus based-standards”.

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Also available from ASTM includes its Hemp Flower Proficiency Testing Program, and training programs offering Continuous Education Units (CEUs), all aimed at helping cannabis laboratories improve performance and testing. With ASTM International, industry professionals are now able to learn how to use and comply with key cannabis safety standards that can directly impact their businesses. ASTM International provides critical training and education using a well-rounded, comprehensive approach, aiming to encourage accessibility to education and expansion of safety and standardization within the cannabis and hemp industries. Available are courses and educational opportunities focused on cannabis science, security, quality and policy. 

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