Cannabis is a Good Neighbor: Consumer Safety

Cannabis is a Good Neighbor: Consumer Safety

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           Love finding and listening to new and fascinating podcasts? Then check out Cannabis is a Good Neighbor hosted by Brian Anderson, Principal at the architecture firm Anderson Porter Design. In each episode, Brian dives deep into the world of cannabis and discusses the issues you care about.

           On January 18, 2022, Brian was joined by our own David Vaillencourt, CEO and Founder of The GMP Collective, and Sarah Chase, Executive Director of the Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation. This is the fifth episode of the Cannabis is a Good Neighbor series and this one is titled Consumer Safety.


What is This Episode About?


           This episode of Cannabis is a Good Neighbor focuses on the importance of health and safety regulations within the cannabis industry. Many are aware of the well documented research linking Cannabis to medical and mental health benefits, and overall, it is an amazing wellness tool for many people. However, simply because a state has created a marketplace for brick and mortar businesses to produce, manufacture, and sell cannabis to consumers, that does not mean these products are all created equal – or safe. State requirements surrounding product safety, dosing requirements, labeling and more are far from harmonized. A small but increasing number of states are requiring adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices, a minimum set of standards that global industries such as food, dietary supplements, and drug manufacturers all adhere to in order to ensure a high degree of product safety. You cannot have product safety without these minimum standards.  This reality is discussed at length alongside solutions and analogies that the cannabis industry is learning from. The news is not all bad, but we still have much work to do!


Where to Listen


         You can find the Cannabis is a Good Neighbor Podcast available on all major podcast platforms including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Simply log into your favorite podcasting app and search for Cannabis is a Good Neighbor and scroll to episode number five!


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